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Cashew Tips

1. Cashew butter can be made easily by blending and processing in a food processor until the paste reaches the consistency of peanut butter.

2. If stored in refrigerator using air-tight containers, Cashew nuts can remain fresh for about six months. Cashews can spoil at room temperature.

3. Cashew nuts helps in heart health, liver and brain functioning, cancer prevention, lower risk of diabetes, prevents gallstones and also good for the nervous system.

4. It is always advisable to add cashews to hot dishes only towards the end of the cooking process. Else they will quickly soften and begin to disintegrate.

5. In recipes requiring baking, cashew nuts become soft and hence do not retain their crunch like other nuts.

6. Cashew nuts can be utilized in a variety of dishes and recipes like salads, pastas, soups, stews and even desserts.

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